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Mysterious Silk Sheets

Mumorings of Bisexual Couple

Tigress Min
31 December 1985
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Warning: This contains adult content so everything shall be Friends Only.
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Keep an open mind and heart.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am bisexual and currently shackled up with my fiance, who is bisexual himself. We are both open and exploring in the world of sex. I am a proud therian tiger and a fan of furry artwork. My persona tends to be a dark tigress with dragonic wings. I follow my own spiritual beliefs. Planning on a career in the psychological field. Though I am debating between pastry chef, zoologist and interior decorator, as well. ^_^; I am open to talking with people about anything and everything, espically theories, and new ideas.

If you do not agree with my ideas or life style, I recommend reading another LJ. If your curious, and recommend being over 18 (for the sexual material) then feel free to ask to me to add you.

By icon_goddess

Why limit your love because of gender?
Bisexuality is Real.

Marriage is love.

Proud to be a Furry
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Furry is Life

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